A Sampling of Grooves

Listener by kmls

Contemplative Poetry

A reading of original poetry. 1) Movings 2) Hospitality 3) A Society of Losers 4) Today’s Obstructions #1


Shooting Stars

Last night and early this morning I went outside in the backyard and looked up in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the meteor shower but to no avail. It was a clear night and even here in the city I could easily see the stars just none that were shooting. So I am […]

A Flower's Cry by KMLS

“When our victories,

whether individually or corporately, hurt others then they are in every sense of the word hollow victories.”

NY River by kmls

Heiwa Haiku 1

Peace is like the rain. If many who believe fall, The earth will be wet

Life’s Little Changes

Written by Keith Lyndaker. Vocals by Keith Lyndaker. Guitars and Keyboards by Brett Sherman. Honorable Mention at USA Songwriting Contest. Inspired by a conversation.


Twins Separated at Birth


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