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The cold has returned.
The flowers have bowed their heads.
But I do not fear or fret
for I know they will open their smiling faces again to the sun and
I am here
warmed by you.

Heiwa Haiku 14

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Winter runs its course
Daffodils break through hard ground
Peace is possible

Heiwa Haiku 13

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bitterness can kill

words are worse than sticks and stones

choose to forgive them

POEM – Strong Dreams

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Strong dreams cause me to awake
Perhaps it was something I ate

Though if I am honest with myself
It is more like fear on the half shell

Emotions too large to stay inside
The truth will always out the lie

If I have the guts to delve deep
Return to the morass perchance to sleep

POEM – Atitlan

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In the ditch by the road going down to the
crater lake, a dog dies.

Tonight a bronze boy will cry metallic
tears over the whining of flies.

Briney glowing beads will flash and
splash onto the Somoza stones,
ooze between the cracks like gleaming molten ore.

With the mountains hovering above and around,
this lake will open wide its cold, clear maw
and receive the sizzling Styx into its
depthless silent roar.


B.E. – Before Earbuds – Music in the Air

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Before earbuds I heard more of the music around me.

Birdsong the wind conversations Cars passing by the rain on my head My footsteps my breathing The rustle of my coat against my chest

Music is so much more then what goes through these wires into my head

“Music music I hear music music over my head”

Words from an old hymn sung by Kings X.

So I pulled them out

Heiwa Haiku 12

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security here
Does that mean war everywhere?
the tail wags the dog


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