What $399 Will Buy INSTEAD Of An iPhone


Post from November 2007

Originally posted on Slow Mover:

Giving Up The iPhoneI must admit the iPhone is pretty cool, but do I really need the latest gadget? Especially when I can spend my money on something that matters and make a difference in the world. Here are some suggestions:

$399 can buy
20 flocks of geese (or)
20 flocks of ducks (or)
20 flocks of chicks (or)
12 rabbits (or)
10 colonies of honey bees (or)
1.5 water buffaloes (or)
2 llamas (or)
3 sheep (or)
4 shares of a heifer (or)
2 pigs
from Heifer International to help people around the world become self-reliant.

$399 can buy

Jute Wall Hanging

Three Friends Pin from Kenya $12.00
Jute Wall Hanging from India $68.00
Hanging Photo Frame from Indonesia $38.00
Multicolored Shoulder Bag from Guatemala $28.00
Lotus Flower Candleholder from the Philippines $28.00
Bamboo Lounge Chair from Vietnam $74.00
Fretwork Shesham Box from India $34.00
Leaf & Bamboo Journal from Indonesia $14.00
Amethyst and Silver…

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