Guitar perspective 3 by kmls

VIDEO – Midnight Train

Eclectic blues song from the Belly Hymns Project. Written and performed by Keith Lyndaker. A 2014 Tongue Screw Records Release and PeaceGrooves Production.

VIDEO: We Are Peacebuilders

Check out Groovy Tube, our You Tube channel, for a new video featuring the song “We Are Peacebuilders.”

The song was written and recorded to celebrate the Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU).

I and several other participants sang the song as part of the opening ceremony at the 2006 SPI. The song features international participants saying “We Are Peacebuilders” in many different languages.

Peace is peace in any tongue.


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VIDEO: Groovy Tube – Dragon versus Eraser Cat

Check out the Weekly PeaceGrooves Video on our Groovy Tube channel

“Dragon vs. Eraser Cat” – a little animation about conflict and friendship

VIDEO: The Winds of War

Groovy Tube – The Weekly PeaceGrooves Video – The Winds of War by kmls. Original song put to video with peaceful quotes and facts.

VIDEO: The Peaceful Dog

Okay so we have had Hobbs (and Blue) since April and it seems like they have always been with us. We saw them at a shelter and since they were a bonded pair, we came home with two big dogs rather than one.

They are very special animals – definitely examples of unconditional love (as long they are fed, walked and petted – LOTS!) In seriousness, they have brought much peace to our household, especially with our children.

Pardon the shaking camera – I was laughing. I hope you will too.

And if you can make space in your heart and home, visit your local shelter and adopt today.