WiFi in the Wilderness

wifi wilderness by kmlsI went to the wilderness to get away
where these invisible strands do not hold sway
in the steps of the mystics of yesterday
whose desert life formed a divine relay.

There was no noise that I could hear.
Yet the silence could not dispel my fear,
piercing my soul like an unseen spear,
that I could never be truly alone here.

Then suddenly I became aware
of some subtle shifting in the air.
I crumbled to the sand in my despair.
WiFi had truly reached everywhere.



Earth-Revolution-by-kmlsThe world does not revolve around you.
It simply revolves.

Your task then is to choose how you will be a part of the revolution.

Techno intravenous by kmls

The Internet as Unnecessary IV

Techno intravenous by kmls

I am connected.
Yet there is a disconnect

The information overload of the external leaves very little room for inner reflection.
My head is bent down not in prayer but over the screen as I read the news.
I am very careful about what I fill my mind with.
But I am still filling my mind.
So where does that leave me when the news is depressing?
In a word,

I have access but feel powerless.
Entertainment is not happiness.
Movies, games, music, audio, video,
across my retinas,
more than I could ever use in a
thousand lifetimes
in some vain attempt to stave off boredom.
That subtle-itching-deep-down agitation remains.

I am obsessed with my inbox.
(I used to get depressed at seeing an empty mailbox)
“You have mail therefore you are relevant.”
Like Pavlov’s dog I am acclimated to the chime of a new text.
Is it healthy to be available 24/7?
Where is the space and time to be alone?

Desktop, laptop, tablet,
smart car, smart watch, smart phone
Why do I feel so dumb?

It is the opposite of being sucked dry
this filling up
but the outcome is the same.
The divine spark is drowned.

So since there is no one here
in this sterile white room
under these sheets
with this needle in my vein
and the flickering lights flowing
from the bottle and the tube
into me
except me
then it is up to me
to get a firm grip
on the sharp plug


Stone Cherub by kmls

if i put my ear
to the ground
and bid the cicadas
and birds to
be still
i can hear
the far off
rumble of

here the sky
like my heart
like the soul of
this land
is empty

Entertain Me!


That seems to be the demand of today.
A fear of being bored, or alone with self-talk, holds sway.
Though boredom is a state of mind they say
and silence helps keep the static at bay.

So many orphaned thoughts left alone
to fester within like some cancer of the bone.
You can wait until the disease is in your marrow and the sickness is full blown
or you can turn from your screens to within and watch the soul-cinema picture being shown.