Heiwa Haiku 21

Kaleidoscopic Can by kmls

News is depressing
Even hope leaves Pandora
Tenacity wins

Of Love and Knowledge


Know thyself, said Socrates.
The master of philosophies
espoused a life of recognition
of that within one’s own cognition.

Love thyself, said the Christ,
showing that it has a price
beyond the realm of one’s own
to neighbor and the world unknown.

Though I’ve often been Socratic led,
more likely I’d take the Messiah’s part.
Knowledge builds a swollen head.
Love develops a swollen heart.

The Walls that Divide Us Don’t Have To


I spent yesterday with a friend who I haven’t seen in over ten years. We spent a lot of time together when we were teenagers watching Dr. Who, dreaming up one creative project after another, most which never came to fruition, but they laid the foundation for the work we do today. And our friendship.

He had never been to DC so I showed him around, driving and splashing through puddles in the pouring rain. We talked about our lives, our families, our opinions. I was surprised to learn that we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. We touched on several issues, didn’t agree on everything, but still were able to dialog with the respect born of our early years together.

Being geeks and sci-fi buffs, we went to the Air and Space Museum and decided to watch the IMAX movie Space Station 3D. VERY cool and informative too. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Sitting there in the darkness with our yellow 3D glasses on, ducking the variety of zero-g objects floating our way, I thought about our friendship in the midst of our differences and was struck by the words of one of the astronauts in the film:

From space there are no borders. You cannot see where one country ends and another begins.

This applies as well to the diverse “nations” of individuals,
like two men whose lives have traced very different trajectories
floating in the space of memory
discovering they can still be friends.

Reprinted from Slowmover from October 27, 2007

WiFi in the Wilderness

wifi wilderness by kmlsI went to the wilderness to get away
where these invisible strands do not hold sway
in the steps of the mystics of yesterday
whose desert life formed a divine relay.

There was no noise that I could hear.
Yet the silence could not dispel my fear,
piercing my soul like an unseen spear,
that I could never be truly alone here.

Then suddenly I became aware
of some subtle shifting in the air.
I crumbled to the sand in my despair.
WiFi had truly reached everywhere.



Earth-Revolution-by-kmlsThe world does not revolve around you.
It simply revolves.

Your task then is to choose how you will be a part of the revolution.