5 O’clock Shadow – An Intermittent Novela – Chapter 5

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He heard the engine before he saw the headlights. Sound had a way of carrying in the cool night air of the desert.

He sighed. He was hoping to knock off a little early if his replacement showed up 15 minutes before his shift began like he usually did. Regular like clockwork.

From the noise of the motor, he could tell that the vehicle was a semi. They always took longer. He cursed the overnight driver under his breath. Of all the nights for him to work overtime. Just his luck.

He grabbed his clipboard and flashlight from their hooks on the wall. Then he stepped out of the guardhouse and stood waiting by the gate.

The vehicle drew closer, gears grinding as the driver shifted down. He had been right. It was a truck, with not one, but two trailers, hooked behind. He cursed again and shielded his eyes from the glare of the headlights. The driver got the message and doused the lights as the truck rolled slowly to a stop.

He heard the loud hiss as the air brakes engaged. Let’s get this over with, he growled through clenched teeth and headed over to the driver’s side of the cab.

Creating Space for Words

Your pardon, dear reader, for I have been lax.
I have resisted the Muse’s attacks
at least in regards to prose and poetry
placed into this repository.

I have been creating other things
and am in the midst of a spring clean
which may cause me to miss a day of writing again
but in the end will pay a large dividend.

The empty page of yesterday where should have resided a long essay
is actually quite apropos.
I must unclutter to create space for creativity to show.

VIDEO: We Are Peacebuilders

Check out Groovy Tube, our You Tube channel, for the video featuring the song “We Are Peacebuilders.”

The song was written and recorded to celebrate the Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU).

I and several other participants sang the song as part of the opening ceremony at the 2006 SPI. The song features international participants saying “We Are Peacebuilders” in many different languages.

Peace is peace in any tongue.

Video: http://youtu.be/WN8XGqaplxY

News article:  EMU Peace Institute Opens

Originally published January 22, 2012


You’re a Loser

be grateful

receive the so-called put-down with a laugh
because in this upside-down-kingdom-thing

the meek inherit the earth
the grand plans of nations crumble
the poor are rich

you recognize your inadequacy
you are learning to trust
you know you are loved by a love that matters and will never
let you go

in this race
and i mean
of the

musings of a creative soul


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