Contentment doth not become thee.
Thou hast dived into a pond of stagnancy.
Confusion hast made thee take a swim
For the two are not synonyms.

Shadow Fences


Some fences cannot be seen with the naked eye though in the light of honesty their shadows are thrown across the landscape of my heart.

I can choose to let them linger, dividing me from difference under the guise of protection.

But if I am true to that perfect love that casts out fear, then I must let them rot away and remain vigilant to any new creeping construction.



while walking
I am reminded
that my life is
not my own
that I am
not alone
and in the midst
of the ugliness
of this place
there is also
such remarkable
these reminders
are relevant
because they
keep me


The question is not whose side you’re on.
Rather it is what you have chosen to fight.

Tomorrow you may awake to find yourself alone on a battlefield to find your wounds psychosomatic and the enemy was all in your head.



I sit in the chair and get my hair cut to the sound of gunshots from an fps video game on pause. Eventually the barber switches the sound to the radio.

If only there was such a button in real life and a way to end the echo of gunfire in the minds of the survivors.

Seeking Peace in the Everyday


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