Why are you here?


Why are you here?
she asks constantly
a strange question
one to which I have
not had a ready reply
though suddenly now
I wonder if deep down
she doesn’t believe
anyone would want to
be here with her or stick
around when things
go south so the next
time she asks
Why are you here?
I will reply,
Because I love you.



hope grows
yet the doubt is there too
I do not want to rehash the past
I want to share yesterday
but not let it have power over me

today the sidewalks are filled with
people heading out to what they
hope is a normal day void of tragedy
filled with some moments of joy

that is my hope too
but there are no guarantees
so i walk in faith
and hope that it
the worry
and fear

Life Surfer


Until the moon
falls from the sky
there will be
waves and tides
I will be moved
by forces over
which I have
no control
so then
my task
in life is to
become a
master surfer
to do
my best
to ride this
wave until I
come to rest
upon that

musings of a creative soul


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