Sin (onym)

Power and powerlessness are not mutually exclusive. (11/22/96)


Do I want a God who fixes everything? Or One who sits with me when I am broken?


To move beyond the other as adversary As giver of pain, as competitor, Hater of me, And I as victim, judge, and jury, To a place of no enemies, My arms a circle of welcoming. (9/11/03)

this moment between

today exists between the regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow that which may or may not await around the bend looms larger than that which is near at hand i am even after being so long on this journey unable to be present to the present out here in the coolness of a…

Found: Box of Trilogy

Imagine my joy at finding this somewhat nondescript box on my doorstep this evening. Why such happiness you ask? Well, let’s open it and see. Hmm. Looks like a stack of manuscripts from Staples Copy and Print nicely shrink-wrapped, which, after I pull the plastic, reveals . . . My trilogy, A Triad of Song!…