When You Are Away I Am Lost

When you are away I am lost. It is a strange thing this feeling. I was single for so long and you would think after five years with you I would be used to your absences. Yet the opposite is true. I stay busy so I do not worry when you are in the air….

Prisoner of Birth

When the night is anxious and her hard cloak weighs heavy on me, I am a man whose desires swell in the belly, who is not privy to the time or place of their birthing. Body weak, mind made useless by moving down reluctant paths to places where I do not wish to go, thoughts…

The Antithesis To The Train Bleu

Upstairs in the bathroom, after I have dressed and left the laptop on the dining room table, I hear the lonesome call of the 4am and the tell-tale rumbling through the open window. I think I must have heard it coming in my sleep. I woke up to hitch a ride like some drowsy hobo….


Twister January 6, 1997 I’m sitting here in the hall with my other best friend. Boots’ Mama came and took him home as if their wooden house beside the Kerr-Magee plant on the outskirts of town can protect them from a tornado better than this big brick elementary school and these cold blue concrete blocks…

The Fog of Morning

in the bathroom blurry eyes seek sight find fogged lenses instead clarity will come with the opening door if one waits to be led words of the soul are not always seen but it pays to be well read

Fear Is What Keeps Me From You

I do not really understand what I am afraid of. Fear is what keeps me from you. My lack of mercy is in direct correlation to the rain-gauge of my terror. We. You and I. We are the terror(ists). The others are convenient scapegoats for us to drape our unicolor fear-coats on. There is nothing…