On The Back Of Gold Wrapping Paper


I am learning not to talk so much, need for explanation

I get tongue-tied when I think of you

West of Eden, East of where I wanna be

Say what I mean what I say

I can think back and feel bad

Bad things don’t happen to good people they just happen

Broken Things


(From yesterday)

Some days are days of broken things.

Like this glass I tumble, more fragile than I thought, and I must spend some of my precious time cleaning up the shards so that my loved ones are not pricked.

Though I carry the scars from a thousand other cuts.

And my efforts cannot keep my loved ones from being nicked by life.

Even the rain feels like tiny needles against my face.

I can dodge the pain.

And yet, there is no way to avoid the wet.



Priest: Sometimes you must come full circle to find the truth. Why does that surprise you?

Penitent: Mostly it just makes me afraid.

Priest: Afraid?

Penitent: Afraid that God is speaking but that no one is listening.

(From the X-Files S3:E11)

Exhibit A


Do not allow the Exhibitionists to dictate who or what you observe.

Resist the urge to look.

Be not like the moth so easily led astray by any glowing light, forgetting to follow the guidance of the moon.

Or the crow which covets many a shiny thing and is so quickly distracted.

You are more than an insect or a bird, flitting from spark to spark, spiraling down in ever-drowning circles.

Stay true.

Keep your heart-lens focused ever on the true Light.

Garbage Day


Though I could use a longer period of time than just a day, maybe a year, to take care of my stuff.

But a regular day each week to get the trash taken care of is a good thing.

Things tend to stink if they sit around too long.

But I do have to make the effort to collect it, bag it, and put it out so it can be picked up.

I cannot refuse to pay attention to my refuse.

You are aware, of course, that I am speaking metaphorically here.


Well, let me go pour me another cup of detox tea.

Seeking Peace in the Everyday


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