Sliver of a moon Bright star above Clouds float along in the dark sky of love Soon the star fades away The moonbeam is gone And what I tried to grasp is just a sliver in my palm. (1.31.87)

The Adjustment Bureau

I had a hat that looked like the ones the Adjusters wore. It was given to me by my friend Ed. On Sundays I ran a Southern Gospel show on my college radio station and Ed hosted Stained Glass Bluegrass which came on after me. Over the years we had many short conversations as we…

To the Greatest Artist of All

This is a commendation, an announcement of high esteem, concerning one of astounding greatness most would never dream. This is but a memoir, a congrats to one who has grown to be the most memorable artist this world has ever known. His career has spawned decades, even generations of time, Her works are in all…

Innocence Lost

The killing of innocent people does not justify the killing of innocent people. (April 15, 1986)


somewhere in the night the strands fell away the day is gray but somehow I am lighter at the core clarifying hope that renewed connection awaits

Simply Stated

Rash promises I shall not write only that which cometh from within. For promises can be broken and therefore one doth sin. It is enough for me to simply state that which is upon my heart than to expound on silly superlatives which at the first strain break apart. (Journal entry – April 8, 1986)


dark morning caught in the web of difficult conversations spun out until I am stretched so thin I am irrelevant sleepless trembling on the strands waiting for the creeping dawn

3 Songs of Significance

When I on this pilgrimage am in danger of forgetting who holds the future and my heart, I offer the following as musical reminders to significant truths. Petra – Rose-Colored Stained Glass Windows Resurrection Band – Broken Promises Kings X – King Enjoy!!!!

Holy War

The philosophy of Holy War is full of holes. April 15, 1986