Ba(i)ted Breath


yesterday’s cares become the anxieties of today
my breathing is a line with a hook on the end waiting for the bite of adversity
that which may rise out of the depths of the unknown

i cannot control what may choose to seize my life at any moment
but i can choose when to hang on or when to let go

A Hole In The Sky


There’s a hole in the sky where a tree once grew.
Death is not my heart’s favorite desire.
But the empty space let’s more sunshine through
and oaken pieces become fuel for fire.

Heiwa Haiku 40

woman of wonder ~
you have made my life precious ~
i am so grateful

I. Am. Today.


i am the snow mixed with rain
i am the wrapper in the slush
i am a back in pain
i am the morning rush

i am the cold and wet
i am each subtle jar
i am the thought of regret
i am the slow walk back to the car

Heiwa Haiku 41

flashes of anger ~
fiery staccato bursts ~
leave an empty shell

Seeking Peace in the Everyday


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