Resist the urge to fill the blank spaces in your life.

They are already filled
with the Presence of God.

The Rhythm Of My Days


It is a difficult thing to find a cycle of joy.

I run from one task to another,
a marionette with too many twisted jerking strings.

I could cut the lines
or add new ones,
but the whirling confusion
is such that I know not
which ones to tie or snip.

Am I destined to forever
dance and trip across this
disjointed stage?

Psalm 52


From devos this am:

“Why do you boast about your crimes, great warrior?
Don’t you realize God’s justice continues forever?”

Laptop Mea Culpa


My apologies, dear readers, that various features such as Monday Monday Song, Campfire Tales, and Peace Colored Gown, have been absent from the blog for awhile.

My laptop has been on the blink (see Blue Screen of Death post) and is not cooperating with the technician. It seems that it is taking on the nonconformist attitude of its owner.

Hopefully things will return to normalcy next week. For now I’ll try and ease the pain with smaller daily snippets.


The Mathematics of Words


Words are for addition
and multiplication.
They exist to drive
people to
positive action
or to bring people

Words are NOT for
division or
If used as such,
then the user is
merely a
of hot air and

Seeking Peace in the Everyday


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