3 Songs of Significance

When I on this pilgrimage am in danger of forgetting who holds the future and my heart, I offer the following as musical reminders to significant truths. Petra – Rose-Colored Stained Glass Windows Resurrection Band – Broken Promises Kings X – King Enjoy!!!!

Holy War

The philosophy of Holy War is full of holes. April 15, 1986

A Lesson In Inlay

foreign splinters of exotic wood on carpenter’s flesh in a diversity of sawdust wood of the world woven by hands into kaleidoscopic patterns and a multiplicity of shades there is a truth here writ with sweat and glue beauty is born of difference colors sit side by side

Beware Of Turning Into The Enemy You Most Fear

(torn from the side of a paper cup) Beware of turning into the enemy you most fear. All it takes is to lash out violently at someone who has done you grievous harm, proclaiming that only your pain matters in this world. More than against that person’s body, you will then, at that moment, be…


If they come, I will stand here unashamed. My tears like medals of honor on my face, glistening in the starlight, And I will smile at them. I will say, “Yes, He was here and I am not ashamed.” (8/4/89)

When We No Longer Can Wonder

when the siren song of the screen usurps the centering of the soul, when we bow down so low to the pixelated god as to kiss nothing, when the magic of the machine becomes the only thing worthy of our worship, then the shreds of our remaining humanity will wonder at what became of our…

The Lethargist’s Confession

This is my world, this rather small space I wander in, where I revisit the same places again and again, never venturing too far, and even then held here by gravity and the air only I can breathe. I am not overly enamored with my influence (what little I may have on whomever or whatever…

Prayer of the Immature

If with maturity comes bitterness, If it brings an unwillingness to change, the wisdom of the fool who claims to simply know, If this maturity causes one to reject the madness that we all in some way carry with us, And if this maturity brings with it the realization that life is temporary, that relationships…