Fit to be Towed


in the city
the predators circle
your car their prey

do not look away
your vehicle will be towed
and you will have to pay

don’t be angry
she said
we’re just doing our job
and it’s on the sign

that is true
and perhaps i could have been less strident with my words
maybe i crossed a line

but my car had broken down
what was i to do?
you’d have been stunned too
to show up at the parking lot and not find your car waiting for you

what about the people with no insurance company to come through
who can’t find a way to get to the impound lot before closing or who can’t pay what’s due?

seems to me some businesses have forgotten what is good and true
the goal is not making a fast buck
it’s taking care of folks like me and you

The Coming Storm (Monday Monday Song #29)

KMLS Plays GuitarFolk Rock from Keith Lyndaker for the Belly Hymns Project.

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Peace Colored Gown Podcast – Episode 6

Peace Colored Gown is a weekly podcast highlighting various blog posts from this past week.

This podcast is for July 19-25, 2015 and features thoughts from the Mennonite World Conference as well as other reflections.

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The Spinning Wheel


In my belly is a spinning wheel.

It turns and
turns me away from you.
It permeates all I do.

It spins so fast I don’t slow down,
captured like a painted horse on life’s merry go around.

Me thinks it’s time for a new inner revolution.

El Salvador Kill Zone


My Monday Monday song a week ago was entitled El Salvador. Though the song was written about the civil war in the 80s, I shared it as a way to continue to remember the suffering occurring in El Salvador at this time, in particular with gangs.

Time magazine has an excellent article regarding the current situation in El Salvador. The link is here .

Let us continue to pray for an end to the violence in El Salvador.

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