Weekly Serial Book 10 Chapter 6 – Mumblings

“Mmm . . . Huh? . . . Oh.”
“You’re doing it again.”
“Doing what?”
“You know . . .”
“Yeh . . .”
“I was talking and all of a sudden you weren’t here anymore.”
“I’m sorry. I . . .”
“Where do you go? God, I’d love to get into that mind of yours for—-”
“No, you wouldn’t.”
“Just one minute. What would I find?”
“Honey . . .”
“Shh. You know I’m only teasin’.”
“I know, but—”
“No. Don’t tell me. You have your reasons.”
“Sometimes it gets so hard, I just want to . . . “
“Raymond, I love you. I know you love me. That’s all I need.”
“Thanks. You don’t how much that means to me.”
“I think I do.”
“Yeah . . . Now what were we talking about?”
“Raymond Willie King! You mean you don’t remember!?”
“Oh! Now I do . . .”
“Ruby . . . um . . . I . . .”
“It ain’t that hard, Raymond.”
“Yeah, sure. Ruby?”
“It’s Ruby Lee.”
“Hush, girl! This is hard enough as it is.”
“Sh! Ruby Lee, will you . . . ?”
“Will I what?”
“You sure are one ornery woman. You know what I’m trying to say.”
“Yes, what?
“Yes, I will marry you.”
“Of course. What’d you think I’d say?”
“Yes . . . but it was . . . I don’t know . . . I . . .”
“Oh, stop mumbling, man, and give me that ring.”

Ruby sure could get my goat. She was quite a woman. We had some good years together. Real good years. She put up with me longer than I thought was possible. I must of tried a million times to tell her, but I never could do it. I don’t blame her for sleepin’ around. I knew of course. I think she wanted me to. One evening, she came home and I saw what her eyes had just been seein.’ Flesh intertwined, her hands and legs around someone I knew. Joy, passion-face . . . love. I started sweatin’ and shakin’ right there at the table. Ruby came over, wrapped her arms around me and we cried and cried. Cried for what we had and what we were losin’. Finally, the visions got too much and I left. I must of walked the streets for hours, trying to listen to nobody but myself. When I got home, she was gone. Left me her ring.
Needless to say, I don’t mingle much. I just sit up here in this old house and listen.

November 30, 1995


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