Strange how little things help


Things haven’t been really happy around here lately.

I will spare you all of the gory details but needless to say the frustrations kept me awake for another night last evening.

I can see the issues and the problems and yet there does not seem to be any way out of them at least in the short term. That gets pretty overwhelming and it’s hard to find time in the midst of all of the stuff for self-care or to even think.

But it is strange how little things help.

I get a few hours break from a taxing relationship.

I finally have a moment to shave.

I can take my first real shower in weeks because I don’t have to wear a ziplock bag over my broken finger.

I receive a brief email of empathy and understanding from someone who loves me.

A lunch date is confirmed for later on in the week.

A red Finch comes to the bird feeder outside my window.

Nothing has really changed. The problems still exist and I still do not see any solutions to them. I don’t know where or if change will come.

But it is strange how little things help.

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