Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

It was the perfect place for a nest, safe and dry.
There had been no rain for weeks and the oregano grew in a flower box on a window sill
beneath the eaves out of the elements.
So feeling blessed, the bird moved right in,
unbeknownst to other certain nearby occupants.

Content, dozing on a warm fall night,
she is suddenly surprised
by a splash of
cold and wet on her safe, dry place.
Out of the nest she flies

Aaah! screams the face,
body stumbling,
watering can tumbling,
vision avian-blurred.

Whir! Fly! Oh! Flutter! Crap! goes the bird.


Two females sheepishly return to their subsequent nests,
hearts still a’flutter.

Later, the face is surprised to find on her coveralls
the crap of the other.

Said encounter occurred at our Homestead cottage at Rolling Ridge in 2007. Originally published here in October 2007


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