L.B.F.B. (Life Before Facebook)

So I read this Washington Post Opinion piece today and that was the last straw.

I wrote a post here earlier about why I was leaving Facebook. I still kept the account, primarily for a page connected to my wood inlay business, but I stopped posting or constantly checking the site.

I have been going back and forth about my decision and was actually seriously considering posting again. I do miss the connections with folks I’ve known over the years. And for the most part, the interactions have been affirming. To be honest, I miss that. But I keep wondering if there is an alternative to these virtual relationships.

And if I am honest with myself, am I primarily missing said connections or is it the need to have my ego stroked?

And with all of the noise and voices out there, why do I feel like I need to add my own to the mix?

Maybe I just need to do more listening.

I keep trying to remember what my life was like before Facebook. Funny how something that in comparison to the rest of my life is relatively new, yet has quickly wormed its way into my daily routine until I struggle with letting it go.

So today I decided to go a step further and deactivate my Facebook account, namely because I need to return to something deeper and more real.

I need to remember life before Facebook.

I need to spend less time online and more time outside.

And inside


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