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Creating Space for Words

Your pardon, dear reader, for I have been lax.
I have resisted the Muse’s attacks
at least in regards to prose and poetry
placed into this repository.

I have been creating other things
and am in the midst of a spring clean
which may cause me to miss a day of writing again
but in the end will pay a large dividend.

The empty page of yesterday where should have resided a long essay
is actually quite apropos.
I must unclutter to create space for creativity to show.

The Disdain Contagion

looking down a long Pinocchio nose
seems to be the sight
you the puppet of this current culture chose
an ocular disease
born of the dis-ease within and so
contrary to the wishes of Gepetto
you despise
the counsel of wiser eyes

everything it seems
not of self is scorned
the log in the brain
becomes a thorn
but a different sight
and any helpful advisory light
is disdained
wooden resistance grows with the lie
the first to die
is any chance to be reborn

the cure rests in humility
an ability
to snip the strings
to be willing
to admit inadequacy
to be ready to learn
from anyone
to burn
away the wood
of a broken past
so new eyes can grow
and another dye is cast
lest you slip further into the No
and remain forever an ass

What if the novacaine never wears off?

half of my face is numb
it’s been that way since the morning
tongue frozen like I’m dumb
a silent nerveless forewarning

a life of novacaine
can be a tempting adorning
but a leprous heart without pain
feels neither joy nor mourning

Nona Hora

in the past
it was a time of rest
a moment to reflect
upon the morning
and prepare for the
a seed

than a chance
to grab a quick bite to
eat hunched over the
keyboard fingers tapping
until the heart is thrumming
at the same

the midday
hour is past so is the opportunity to allow it to infuse the day with

a spirit of
an awareness of
that which resides
in the dark recesses
of humanity’s

Turn Signals

At the traffic light
I wait for the turn signal.
In life if I choose to go
in one direction exclusively then I wind up turning
in circles,
going nowhere fast.

To get where I need to go requires balance,
a series of successive alternating turns
without denying either direction.

If I choose to obey
only one signal
then I am lost and
I forgo the discoveries
of the road I have
refused to take.