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I Came to Thee Seeking an Answer


i came to thee seeking an answer like a bird after seed
yet what i sought eluded me
nor did my want recede
my wings had brought me to the end of all i’d ever known
torn by storms a waste thought i this journey i had flown

exhausted was i when i fell into your gentle hand
i snapped at thee in anger for you had refused my demands
then you showed me that the seed would have been the death of me

when you flung this bird back into the sky, twas a stronger wiser me.

Putting the TER in Independence Day

Independence has its day
and dependence is good per se,
but me thinks we’re in need of a new moniker.

It happens right after we let another IN and we start to learn how to DEPEND,
when we add those three letters TER.



at times we watch them take to the sky
caretakers of earth fire to warm cold wings when they return

the muscles on our backs twinge with the memory of past flights
dream of tomorrow’s vapor trails
though tonight
these feathered limbs curl tightly against our bodies
warm and



woe are we
birthed into adversity
blind to the realm of eternal possibility

the prophet spake
the servant did a double take
suddenly saw the surrounding angelic host awake

these battles are not your own
for you strive not against flesh and bone
sit back and watch as your deliverance is sown

a tap tapping on my window


a tap tapping on my window
who can it be?
tis a sparrow wanting to say
hello to me

then i see the fly on the window
crawling upon the pane
trapped inside but seeking an escape from this domain

the tap tapping on the window
alas it was not for me
twas for the fly but the sparrow must remain hungry