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Nerves have their purpose.
The synapses are a
warning to pay attention.
Pain is not pleasant
but it is better than
the alternative.
The continued pursuit of
numbness is a harbinger l
of ill health in the long run.

The pain is still there and
wholeness disappears
with each missing limb.

Mumble Jumble


I can understand why it is frustrating to listen to me sometimes.
The words keep coming
until they are a big confusing mass floating in the air above our heads.
I am trying to find an end point and
can’t seem to get there.

Somehow when I reach up and
take the words down
things become clearer.
I write to understand and
to be understood.
The words are a
long black line
that lead back
to the beginning
of me.
They are my memory.



hope grows
yet the doubt is there too
I do not want to rehash the past
I want to share yesterday
but not let it have power over me

today the sidewalks are filled with
people heading out to what they
hope is a normal day void of tragedy
filled with some moments of joy

that is my hope too
but there are no guarantees
so i walk in faith
and hope that it
the worry
and fear