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Winter – A Stream of Consciousness Science Fiction Story


This piece was an experiment. I wanted to see if I could create a story orally – stream of consciousness – by simply dictating it without any written text. I began with a title and a vague idea but did not have specific characters, plot, or an end in mind. All I knew was that I wanted it to be finished, not another beginning or story fragment of which I have many. It took some discipline for me to continue to record and not set the story aside. As I continued, it took on a life of its own and “wrote” itself.

Some notes:

The idea for this story came to me as I was listening to The Early Stories of Philip K. Dick who I have always admired but only recently, after delving more deeply into his life and works, have found in him a mentor, a kindred spirit and a hero for the writer that is me.

This story was recorded in a little over an hour with a few pauses to allow for ideas to form in my mind before I spoke them aloud. I used the Hi-Q Recorder app on my Moto X phone to do the recording. I then moved the piece into Audacity where I amplified the volume and made some minor adjustments. While it was tempting to make additions and there are several things I would reword, I resisted said temptation for the sake of the experiment. Except for a few things I deleted as repetitive or from when I searched out loud for the right word or idea, the audio is exactly as it occurred.

As of yet there is no transcription. This is an oral piece and should be treated as such. It is to be heard not read. Eventually, especially if I receive numerous requests to do so, I will
transcribe the story.

Thank you for listening.
Keith Lyndaker
November 19, 2014

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Sea Horse

Sea-Horse by kmls

Upon the water she had slept. Blue on a blue-green sea, nestled softly in the arms of her keeper, when the silence of days was broken by the whisper to a roar of surf. In a moment, the sea had carried her to the shore and dropped her gently on the black sand.

I had dragged the boat up the beach to keep it out of the clutches of the tide and I was covering it up for the night. Dusk was an hour away and the breeze brought the smell of a cooking fire to my nostrils, a hint of roasting fish made my mouth water. The sound of voices floated up to me from down the beach and I looked up from my work to see a couple of strangers walking amongst the surf, on their way to town to eat or get some supplies. One of them, a man with dark curly hair, stopped for a moment, reached down, and pulled something from the sand. I could see that it was a blue horse, a toy left there by the waves. The stranger turned it over in his hands and then gazed thoughtfully out at the sea. Two of the little boys from the town had come up along the beach behind him. The man smiled down at them and handed the littlest boy the horse. Then he hurried after his friends, happy in the thought of his clever gift.

I saw the boy with the horse wait until the stranger had caught up with his companions, and then, watching to see if the stranger would turn around, he carefully placed the horse back on the sand. Then he and his brother ran off to play among the rocks and coconuts scattered along the beach.

After I finished with the boat I went down to the place where I had seen the boy drop the horse. I searched for it, but save for a small indentation in the sand, it was gone. However, as I looked out over the waves, I thought I could glimpse a tiny speck of blue riding on the surface of the sea slowly fading into the distant horizon.

October 25, 1988
Puerto Viejo, Cost Rica

Part of the continuing Ugly American series, a selection of writings from my travel journals from Central America in 1988

Blackberry Lake – Contemplative Fantasy Audio Drama – Chapter 4

While picking blackberries, a young man stumbles on a path that takes him to another place. Is his new hope misplaced or will he discover a liberating force? A contemplative fantasy audio drama for children of all ages. A 2012 PeaceGrooves Production

Stay tuned for more chapters!

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