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Peace Colored Gown Podcast Episode 9

This is a special #flypocalypse edition of the Peace Colored Gown podast recorded live at BWI airport. This edition is for the week of August 9 – 15 and features poetry, spoken word and song – highlights from the PeaceGrooves blog at http://www.peacegrooves.wordpress.com.

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So Now I Guess Coke Is God


I went to the movies yesterday. Why I keep getting there early, I’ll never know. But I did.

And so I spent a significant amount of time being bombarded with First Look, or whatever they call it. You know, the smorgasbord of features and advertisements the theatre figures its clientele needs to watch before the previews start.

In the midst of this materialistic cacophony came an advertisement for Coke. A man is lethargically walking his dog in the morning when he gets a Coke and suddenly his day is better. He is happy. The dog approves with much tail wagging glee. Cute. Roll credits. Buy a Coke.

After the commercial, I turned to my wife and asked if I had heard what I thought I heard. She nodded.

You see, the soundtrack to the ad was a song I’ve sung at Christian summer camps my entire life.

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart (where?), down in my heart (where?), down in my heart,
down in my heart to stay.”

Pretty general, right?

Except for the chorus which goes like this:

“And I’m so happy, so very happy, I have the love of Jesus in my heart.”


There is also another verse which is “I’ve got the wonderful love of my blessed Redeemer way down in the depths of my heart,” but we won’t get into that.

Now with the latest research showing people leaving soda in droves, you’d think the folks at Coca-Cola would be smarter than antagonizing the Almighty.

It’s not first time the tenets of faith have been appropriated by the world. (Notice how many current pop songs have Hallelujah in their lyrics?)

It won’t be the last.

Coke added life.
Coke was it.
Now Coke is Jesus.

Drink at your own peril.

Me, I’ll stick with the New Wine.

I Come To Work In Borrowed Clothes

wpid-wp-1440762573106.jpegI come to work in borrowed clothes
With face unshaven
Body washed, but not perfumed
Unadorned and entombed
In this angry earth and her grinding groans.

What is real becomes the stuff of dreams
Nightmare voices resurrected
Ears behind the three day stubble
Strain the silence from the rubble
Of a hundred hearts bursting at the seams.

Babel towers have crumbled down to dust
We are not gods
Just mere mortals armed with precious pride
Where love is lost is truth denied
My God, My God, why hast thou now forsaken us?

Were I to wrend these stranger clothes
Like some temple curtain
Grief would fit so unfamiliar
On feeble frames of we peculiar
Creatures, broken bodies lying naked and exposed.

We sit safe at table, you and I
Hear the smack
We arise from bread and wine and go to the window
To find a frozen finch robed in yellow
And see those fiery crosses crashing forever in our minds.

Crucify. Crucify. Crucify.
Lord, is it I?
Is it I?

September 12, 2001

Peace Colored Gown Podcast Episode 8

The Peace Colored Gown Podcast features highlights from this past week. This is Episode 8 for the week of August 2-August 8, 2015.

Features include: Weekly Peace Quote, This Week in Peace and Justice History, Monday Monday Song, as well as writings and reflections.

A PeaceGrooves Production 2015

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Peace Colored Gown Podcast – Episode 7

Peace Colored Gown is a weekly podcast highlighting various blog posts from this past week.

This podcast is for July 26-August 1, 2015 and features music, poetry as well as other reflections.

A 2015 PeaceGrooves Production

All Rights Reserved



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