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ESSAY – A Cup of Grace

I bought some really excellent tea and was excited to try it. It arrived yesterday. I promptly opened it up, took out a bag, and chose a special mug with Grace stenciled on the side for the occasion. I put the mug of water in the microwave.

And promptly forgot about it until later on in the evening. So I put the mug back in the microwave, thinking what a nice thing it would be to have a cup of tea before bed.

The mug was still there, the water quite cold, when I remembered it this morning.

I heated the water up again, put in the tea bag, and drank it with my breakfast. It was quite delicious.

Earlier, while waiting for my breakfast to cool, I put a plate on the stove. I forgot to turn the burner off and the plate cracked right down the middle. It was not one of my better moments.

I am pretty hard on myself. I am not exactly easy on others either. The beauty of grace is that no matter how many times I forget about it, it is always there, waiting for me to take a sip.

Like tea, it warms my entire body. But a strange thing occurs. Grace is such that once it fills me up, it has a tendency to overflow.

And then I become a cup of grace too.

Patients (Patience)

i tell her she should be a doctor
so she’ll have more patients (patience)
but the physician should heal himself
for i often find that I am lacking in the same
and aren’t we all

A Culture of Followers


Thank you for the follow
though I do not wish to wallow
in my self-congratulation.

I simply hope you find some
as you continue to grope
through life’s blind initiation.

In a world that places stock
in the number of follows one has or hasn’t got,
there is only one Follow worthy of celebration.

That Person is not I,
though with every word I write,
I seek to point in that direction.

(And perhaps by following me
you are led to see
that Who I follow is not some mere infatuation).

Bluetooth God


You can keep your Bluetooth God, the one you turn off with the push of a button when you get tired of the conversation, who is fine to have visible in the daylight but gets taken off and thrown on the shelf at night.

My God is not limited by your whims, does not need a wireless connection to communicate, and is ever present whether acknowledged or not.

Pull the plug, because my God never runs out of juice and is more, so much more, than some mere accessory.

A Peculiar People


there are still screw ups but they should be the anomaly not the norm
you are now a people who warm
the cold hearts that encounter yours

against all odds you have made the choice
to speak with another voice
compassion has become the nucleus of your spirit’s core

the bumps are flattening out faith is banishing the doubt
and your wings are getting stronger with every mile you soar