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Change Will Come


Change will come
from the barrel of a gun,
so said Mao Tse Tung.

But the change that comes
from the barrel of a gun
is not a just or enduring one.

Such change quickly comes undone
by others toting bigger guns.
(A more depressing song was never sung).

Change that lasts in the long run
most likely will be that which is from
the life words spoken with your tongue.

A Global Headache


world head
big squeeze
hairy situation
push and shove
inhuman species
busting heads
thick skulls
hearts grown tough
administer peace
world head
shakes us off
like dandruff

Ice Is


We have created a monster and it has multiplied by the thousands.
An army of yetis has invaded Babylon.
Winter has come to the desert.

Neither the skyfire of the infidel nor
Mohammed’s hot tears can melt your frozen heart.

The warm blood of your victims which flows from your black knives is not enough to thaw the ice in your blue veins.

Seek the fiery breath that is the love of Allah lest your caliphate be doomed by the cold winds of your hate and you are condemned by the tormented souls you have defiled.

For the harem you believe is paradise will be filled with the demons you have unleashed and there you will reside to melt forever in the eternal fires of damnation.