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Complicit and complacent are we, shirking our responsibility for the young men of the Xbox university who graduate from joysticks to first person shooter reality.

Some don black and AK-47s, creating hell on earth for a false promise of heaven, racing across the desert to Armageddon.

Others sit in small rooms with faces glowing green, killing enemies faraway and unseen. Tell me, is the drone in the chair or on the screen?

Still others enter churches and public places driven by perceived personal disgraces to transfer their pain and fear onto countless faces.

All of them trapped by the spirit of vengeance and shame.
Real life is not a game.
When one is crippled, all of us are lame.

Cogs in the wheel of the entertainment industry, we’re more concerned with security and seeing the latest movie, rather than entering into the suffering of this battered and broken community.
Maranatha Kenosis.
Lord, come quickly.

Everyone A Refugee


I thought things were changing when the Berlin Wall came down.

It seems we build new ones to take its place.

We don’t want certain people in our town.

We forget all of us are running in the same human race.

We live in fear of what may occur,
which begs the question,

Who is the prisoner?

I Come To Work In Borrowed Clothes

wpid-wp-1440762573106.jpegI come to work in borrowed clothes
With face unshaven
Body washed, but not perfumed
Unadorned and entombed
In this angry earth and her grinding groans.

What is real becomes the stuff of dreams
Nightmare voices resurrected
Ears behind the three day stubble
Strain the silence from the rubble
Of a hundred hearts bursting at the seams.

Babel towers have crumbled down to dust
We are not gods
Just mere mortals armed with precious pride
Where love is lost is truth denied
My God, My God, why hast thou now forsaken us?

Were I to wrend these stranger clothes
Like some temple curtain
Grief would fit so unfamiliar
On feeble frames of we peculiar
Creatures, broken bodies lying naked and exposed.

We sit safe at table, you and I
Hear the smack
We arise from bread and wine and go to the window
To find a frozen finch robed in yellow
And see those fiery crosses crashing forever in our minds.

Crucify. Crucify. Crucify.
Lord, is it I?
Is it I?

September 12, 2001

El Salvador Kill Zone


My Monday Monday song a week ago was entitled El Salvador. Though the song was written about the civil war in the 80s, I shared it as a way to continue to remember the suffering occurring in El Salvador at this time, in particular with gangs.

Time magazine has an excellent article regarding the current situation in El Salvador. The link is here .

Let us continue to pray for an end to the violence in El Salvador.

Why I’m Giving Up on Peace

Earth-Torn by kmls(Reprinted from July 21, 2014 and edited for current events).

Things don’t look so good right now.

Today’s paper (which is not much diiferent than yesterday’s paper) lists the grisly news. A car bombing in Egypt. Another kid shot and killed in SE DC. Loan defaults. Terrorist strikes. Retaliations. We are a world at war with itself, with around 50 conflicts globally as of this writing. The majority of deaths are civilian, “collateral damage” as it were, a dehumanizing term if ever there was one.

Here, our borders teem with desperate children. The gap between rich and poor widens. Solutions are short-sighted and generally involve some band-aid fix, like a new gadget, another casino, or more guns on the street. Congress is a bastion of impotence and hubris. We scrabble over issues that mean nothing like dogs after crumbs while the country and the world burns around us.

While we laud our technological advances, it seems the one thing we are most adept at is killing each other.

So one night, my wife and I, as we are wont to do each evening, talked about our days and the state of this spinning sphere like some morbid carousel we find ourselves stuck on. We both have been at this so-called peace work for most of our lives. At times we wonder why. We went to bed rather depressed.

I awoke to a text message from her. She was sharing a scripture she read that morning.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Therefore whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone – especially to those in the family of faith.” (Galatians 6:9-10). As she said in her text, pretty apropos.

Some things jumped out at me right away. We do good simply because it is the right thing to do. We do not limit who we do good to – “everyone” is pretty clear. Those closest to us, within the same family of faith, who sometimes are the hardest to do good to, are not to be left out either. Tenacity and obedience can overcome despair. We don’t give up. There is an end, a flowering of planted seed, a reaping of glorious fruit.

Our fight is not against flesh and blood. Nor should our faith and ultimate allegiance be in and to such. Despair arises when we are inundated with bad news and when our trust in human leadership and institutions has been broken yet again.

Rather we wage a war against the principalities and powers, the spiritual forces of evil in high places. Such a battle requires divine help and divine eyes to see the opportunities to do good as well as the Good News (gospel) occurring around us everyday.

So I’ve given up on peace.

But I have not given up on the good – doing it and being a part of it.

The rest I leave in the hands of the One who continues to hold this broken world in loving, gentle hands.