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If Terror, Then Love


If perfect love casts out fear and imperfect people are the vessels for that love, then terror can never overcome a compassionate people.


lenin-eye-charleston-sc-97 by kmls
The slats from the reading lamp cast shadowed prison bars on the walls around me. I wonder when my heart will feel again. I am so cold and Winter is coming. Everything that was so precious just doesn’t satisfy. Even you; your flesh is icy too.

There is anger in the night outside, voices screaming, and I wonder why I think my life, my dreams, are so important. Skeletons parade before my mind’s eye in blue and black and white, brittle and broken, a suffering child, once alive, now shadows dying. I feel guilt at my pain, the simple luxury of thought without concern for survival.

I could laugh at this prison on these walls gathered around me, but it rings hollow like my chest. The bars remain, and in some way, with them I feel safe, secure.

Until they disappear with the click of the light and the uncertain night falls fearfully and gently around me.

Written October 6, 1992

No Winners (QUOTE)


“Truth be told, no one ever really wins in a gun fight.”

R.W. Stone Trail Hand

Prayer to the Suicide Bomber


My brother,
here on this
charred street
as I lie dying
amongst the ruin
of broken bodies,
I cannot tell
which is your
blood and
which is my

You sought to
blow us apart,
but in the end
you only made
the truth more
greatly known.

My twin of shattered
flesh and bone,
my mother’s son,
know this,

We are one.



I sit in the chair and get my hair cut to the sound of gunshots from an fps video game on pause. Eventually the barber switches the sound to the radio.

If only there was such a button in real life and a way to end the echo of gunfire in the minds of the survivors.