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Heiwa Haiku 55

refuse anger’s call ~
it only leads to more death ~
all of us die too

Heiwa Haiku 54

blue on black on black ~
i’m so sick of these attacks ~
who pays for these acts?

Heiwa Haiku 53

mourning another ~
black teen killed at the metro ~
another morning?

Peace On Earth – Rumors Of Peace In The News

When one reads the news, it seems that the world is only filled with violence and conflict. But though it rarely makes the front page, peace is breaking through in large and small ways. Here are the rumors of peace for this week:


Yemen parties keen on lasting peace deal


Boy, 5, grazed by bullet to join peace walk


Educator tells youth: Peace is in your hands


Windows For Peace


Millennial Middle East Peace Ambassadors: ‘We Don’t Have To Take Sides’

Heiwa Haiku 48


Multiplication ~
Violence breeds violence ~
New mathematics?